Thursday, April 29, 2010

Pedal to the metal

Please - Don't ease off the gas now!

With the Obamacare debacle fresh in our collective memory and Wall Street reform looming, I fear we're becoming a bit complacent. We cannot afford to make the critical mistake of assuming that November will bring a course correction. We've got to keep that foot on the gas pedal, and it's more important now than ever.

Consider that there is a lot of behind-the-scenes activity taking place in Washington that we hear little about. For instance, Cap-And-Trade (Cap-And-Tax?) still lurks in the wings, and isn't it convenient that there has been a major offshore drilling disaster just at this critical juncture? I am certainly no conspiracy theorist, but it certainly plays into the hands of those who would pass this ill-advised legislation.

The President has now formed his "bipartisan deficit commission" in order to have a place to point his finger when taxes for everyone go up dramatically. He'll be able to say, "Hey, I don't want to raise your taxes, but they said it had to be done." Campaign promises be damned along with common sense - it's coming, whether it emerges in the form of a V.A.T. or some other concoction meant to separate us from what's left of our money.

The mainstream media is going along with all of this, and when fall rolls around you can be sure they'll be helping the left tout "successes" on a number of fronts. They are already painting Senate Republicans with the obstructionist brush simply because they want Wall Street reform to be meaningful and to amount to more than a left-wing witch hunt.

I've found it more difficult to stay fired up after the health care fiasco, but I'm making a renewed commitment to be active and involved and to push for that November course correction. I'm keeping the accelerator pressed to the floor.

Tom Wells

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gxm said...

Long, long ago when they doubled the FICA tax (circa 1983 I think) I had a really bad feeling about it. I realized they were going to pound all that tax money down the same rat hole as all the other taxes they were collecting. I said then it wouldn’t end well.

I hope I don’t get that same feeling this November. For one thing we won’t have 27 years to await the result. Fiscal and monetary problems are moving much faster now. I think this November may well be the last chance to begin restoring the republic and limited government peacefully. I note that some recent data I looked at on the national debt indicates it may be increasing at close to 2% per month (about 27% per year). I don’t know what the 2nd derivative is but if we are approaching 3% per month (about 43% per year) by the end of 2010 we may not make it through 2011. We will be in fiscal extremis and it’s over the cliff we go. We need a bunch of folks in Congress who will step on the fiscal break.